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  • To search for all clusters within a particular division, set the pull-down menu to the division you want and click on "Search". This will show all clusters associated with that division. For instance, selecting 'Humanities' and hitting search will show all clusters for the Humanities portion of the Rochester Curriculum.
  • To search for clusters which include a specific course, set the pull-down menu on "All Departments" and enter the course number (e.g. BCS 110) in the text box. Then click on "Search".
  • To search for clusters in a specific department or program, use the pull down menu on the right. To restrict those clusters to a particular division, use in addition the pull down menu on the left.
  • To search for clusters related to a specific subject, enter the subject (e.g. "mind") in the search text box.
  • Click on the course number shown in the cluster to reach the course description.
  • The Cluster Search Engine is not case sensitive.
  • For more search tips and ways to refine your search to get fewer hits, see Additional Searching Techniques.